Workshop [Δ.Δ.Δ.Δ.Δ.Δ.Δ.]

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  • Δήμητρα Δερμιτζάκη is an actress and a friend. She loves a theatrical play written by Δημήτρης Δημητριάδης. The book title is Διαδικασίες Διακανονισμού Διαφορών. So many Δ made me a mad person. The story is about love itself, love for the other and love against us.She'll do an improvisation workshop based on this theatrical play. 
  • Pattern made from 7 Δ.
  • Heart made from Δ.
  • Shape made from 7 Δ.
  • Let's talk about love with 7 Δ.
  • Final Poster for the workshop. Quote from book. And let's play...