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Personal project on doing 1 design/illustration per week.
Works of March
A design or illustration every week in 2011
This is a personal challenge for myself to create a minimum of 1 design or illustration every week in 2011. I'll be trying to post once or more very week in my Facebook first so like me now and catch it first.
Week 9:

Bad flu
This design is inspired from the famous sneezing panda video.

Week 10:

Tree bark
Oh yah! They do. Woof woof~

Week 11:
Rise! Rise! Rising Sun!
Dedicated to Japan.
Week 11-2:

Rise! Rise! Rising Sun! Tee
An artwork for japan. Be strong and rise again , rising sun! Its a remade from the illustration of the same title on a tee shirt.

Week 12:

Rescue Dawn

Inspired by Contra (魂斗羅), a video game series produced by Konami debuted in 1987. This design is based on the boss of Area 3 in the NES version.

And remember "Fill what's empty, empty what is full and scratch where it itches."

*My apologies for the ugly watermark, many of my artworks had been stolen & sold by thieves in China and Thailand so do protect your artworks guys.

This print is currently available as a print/poster so check my facebook prints folder if you interested in getting one from me.