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Personal challenge to create 1 or more design or illustration per week in the Year of 2011
Works of February
A design or illustration every week in 2011.
This is a personal challenge for myself to create a minimum of 1 design or illustration every week in 2011. I'll be trying to post once or more very week in my Facebook first so like me now and catch it first.
Week 5:

Money Swim

Not all ducks swim in water. There's a unique one that swims in money everyday. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Rabbit year! May you be swimming in the pool of wealth in the new year.
Week 6:

Hero's lullaby

First illustration of 80's warrior's record or 八十武士录 is inspired by The Legend of Zelda created in 1986 by Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka for Nintendo (NES).

Here's my version of Link on his final journey of saving princess from Ganon in Death Mountain.

Like what the folks said,
“Save the Princess, Save the World!" (,⌒ヮ⌒)っ

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Week 7:
~~I want you to join the Revolution~~

I guess everyone know where this is inspired from....

I'm trying to gain more likes in Facebook. so help to spread the words.
Week 8:

Rise of Villains

Everyone heard about the story of 4 turtles
whose was mutated by toxic in the sewage
and became the well known Ninja heroes.

But no one had heard about the story of another group whose was also mutated a few years later, in the sewage opposite street.

They became the well known Villains
and they called themselves
the "Koopalings!"