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Personal project on doing 1 design/illustration per week.
Works of April
A design or illustration every week in 2011
This is a personal challenge for myself to create a minimum of 1 design or illustration every week in 2011. I'll be trying to post once or more very week in my Facebook first so like me now and catch it first.

*My apologies for the ugly watermark, many of my artworks had been stolen & sold by thieves in China and Thailand so do protect your artworks guys.

Week 13:

The Wood with the dragon tattoo.

Inspired by the movie title " The girl with the dragon tattoo." heee.
Not only that girl had dragon tattoo on her body.

Week 13-2:

Funny bone

*April fool special*
Inspired by peoples with funny bone. (*^_^*)
Week 14:

Good Cat

As Chairman Deng had said before " It’s doesn't matter if you are white cat or black cat, as long as you play chess you are a good cat." :D
Week 14-2

Classic Rock

Remember the good old days when Cassette Tapes rock the earth!
Week 15:

Panda Revolution X ( Unrated version)
My Flag, My Revolution and My shadow.

Inspired by China & Soviet Union's Propaganda poster. The writing below mean "Please support The Real Panda Revolution and strongly suppress pirated product from 798 brothercamp and Yeshulin's mei hua brand."

Please login to facebook to see the close up of the illustration and find out the reason behind this artwork.
Week 16:

Pantoo ( Panda X tattoo) 3

The first time I created my set of tattoo(s) got me featured into a Taiwanese "Tattoo Extreme" Magazine and couple of commission tattoo works. Fantabulous!

i got a couple of mails regarding the badly stamped watermark in my works. I need to apologies again, the watermark is to prevent thievery activities going on in China, Thailand and more... (>へ<;)7 sorry for that.