Brainstorming 2012.11.25 

    -Give me an idea.-
    (This is Poster concept draft proposal)
  • [2012 According to Them] Fernando Botero by 1000DAY

    [Great Colombian] Fernando Botero Angulo (born April 19, 1932) is a Colombian figurative artist. His works feature a figurative style, called by some "Boterismo", which gives them an unmistakable identity. Botero depicts women, men, daily life, historical events and characters, milestones of art, still-life, animals and the natural world in general, with exaggerated and disproportionate volumetry, accompanied by fine details of scathing criticism, irony, humor, and ingenuity.

    --Colombia connects with Korea to view each other's icons--

    More than 20 prominent emerging artists from Colombia and South Korea are brought together to a neutral space to meet and create a dialogue about the country of their counterparts based on the interpretation and representation of their popular icons.
  • Owl character designs and logos.
    synergy show (new year's eve party) Poster image 
  • shoes 2012.1.16
  • synergy show 
    Korean artists' new year's eve party
  • illustrrs by unoo (illustrrs for toy)
    Idea Sketch for toy.
  • blank toy.
  • Simple sketch for location.
  •  UNOO (FazeCat Co., Ltd Concept Designer) X  1000DAY 

    Collaboration papertoy
  • UU PROJECT 2012
    Exhibition to help Organic Cat&Dog.
  • My friends character