Work in progress "Elles"

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  • The AREFH association and the photographer, Miss Buffet Froid, are launching an ambitious project : realizing a photography exhibit with a target : to inform and increase awareness on the emotional and sexual lives of women in situation of handicap.

    The fact : this topic is taboo
    Currently, society believes that women with disabilities have no need nor desire for an emotional and sexual life, and even less to be a mother. Those unfounded beliefs prevent women to exercize their right of control over their bodies and sexuality.

    Our project : breaking the silence
    We offer women with disabilities the opportunity to testify through a mobile photography exhibition and a book. Into the hands of makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists - all volunteers - they will uncover their nakedness, their femininity, their uniqueness. Their handicap, physical, mental or sensory, becoming a simple personal detail and letting beauty and desire in the forefront. These women understand better than anyone what their bodies can give and how to receive the other in an accepted difference, if everything is done to provide them with listening and confidence.

    Making Of january 2013
    TEAM :
    Photographer : Miss Buffet Froid
    Make up et Hairdresser : Teva Quesada
    Creator stylist : Séverine Dartois
    Model : Orianne Lopez
    Studio : A La Barak @ Montpellier (France)