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My visual language is pencil, paint, coloured pencil, ink and then Photoshop for final adjustments.
A wordless crime/thriller graphic novel by Haydn Symons. The story is based in Barcelona, where the main character lives. The main character gets ready for bed, brushes his teeth and goes to close his curtains, but sees a mysterious figure lying on the ground opposite his house.
He goes out to investigate and sees a figure running away from the injured figure, he decides follow chase. They run through Barcelona and confront each other in Parc Gaudi, he is now the victim of the chase, and comes to his end (the next page is black).
The end of the book repeats the start; a woman getting ready for bed sees a mysterious figure lying on the ground of Parc Gaudi, and goes outside to investigate. . .
  Two double page spreads showing the colour artwork