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Brand development and marketing for Woodstock Cricket.
Woodstock Cricket
Brand iD / On Bat Branding / Brand Management / Digital Design
Online Marketing / Print & Production Management 

Woodstock Cricket approached Weedoo Media back in the Summer of 2009 asking for help to produce a fun, young and quality brand for their all newCricket Bat range. With ex-management level personnel from Newberry Cricket Company, they were set to be a success with a fantastic product - All they needed was help with creating a face and help with being discovered. 

Over the last 2 years Weedoo has handled the build of this brand fromground up and after launching the site early in 2011 has seen a fantasticinitial year with exponential growth. Known as ‘the Jack Wills of cricket’,Weedoo continue to help the company go from strength to strength.