Sigurd Wongraven is widely know as the lead vocalist in the black metal band Satyricon. But he’s also been educated in wine. And when he creates champagne, he wants to be acknowledged as a specialist in that field. Wongraven has produced one of the most celebrated champagnes recently. The design of the bottle was supposed to reflect him as a connoisseur, whilst still being authoritarian, simple and minimalistic. 
    The symbol on the bottle is originally from Norse mythology. The valknot is a symbol of strength, and was used for viking warriors ready to fight and die in battle thousands of years ago. This valknot is however turned upside down, and designed to include the "w" from Wongraven. Whilst showing that Wongraven would do anything to produce good champagne, it also had to be classy. That´s been expressed through simple lines and
    golden visual elements.
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