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Wonderwood is a photographic fairytale
1. The Cover

The cover designed based on one of the Book's image.
We selected this image because of it's simplicty. 
I created a minimalistic design in order to use it
in multiple ways such as vinyl cuts, spot uv prints etc.
The Demons. (photoshooted by Spyros Paloukis)
The cover was designed based on one of the Book's images named Demons
in order to use it in multiple ways such as vinyl cuts, spot uv print etc..
2. Iconography
40 Symbols were designed
to illustrate the map, the cover & the spreads
3. The Map
The locations are real but some areas renamed to their old traditional names.
Wonderwood Map
zoom in 1
zoom in 2
Map index
1st spread is the map.
5. Promotion
Book Promotion Poster
poster by
Aimilios Galipis - Banned Graphics
photo exhibition concept: when speach becomes an image
poster b
y Aimilios Galipis - Banned Graphics 
poster detail: the letters are from the magical font > Romantica <
Photo & Book exhbition (photographs by Spyros Paloukis).
Wonder Wanderers - Bios - of the three basic creators of this book.

From left to right:

Panagis Koutsokostas was born in 1983 in Edessa. While away from his birth town, he studied Archaeology and History of Art and completed his studies with a Master’s degree in Cultural Informatics and Communication. He has excavated archeological sites, taught in classrooms and designed in offices. For Wonderwood, he undertook the editing of the photographic book and its artistic and academic direction, combining his passion for all forms of Art with his theoretical background.
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Spyros Paloukis (born in 1980) comes from Edessa. He studied Computer Science (TEI) and photography (Stereosis) in Thessaloniki and obtained a Master’s degree in American Studies in Belgium (University of Antwerp). He is a photographer, writer and inspires confidence in Magic Box & Fata Morgana publications. He has written two novels (Charlemagne and the Camera of Secrets, Black Out Generation), while having published two photographic books (Edessa, Daydreaming: One Hundred Greeks of Belgium Dream of Greece). The main concept of Wonderwood came from his initiative. He integrated his three capabilities by writing the fairytale, photographing and publishing it.

> Spyros Paloukis Website <

Aimilios Galipis was born in Australia in 1990 and lives in Edessa, where he comes from. He studied Graphic Design at the AKTO College and is carrying on his studies at the Middlesex University. He has taken part in exhibitions as well as contests where he has won significant international distinctions. He renders the myth that unfolds in Wonderwood through graphics, unleashing his aesthetics and his viewpoint by designing innovative maps, symbols and a magical font.

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Published by: The Magic Box
Designed by: Banned.

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