Woman perfume of the times

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    Recently, completed a series of works painted in 
    the fashion magazines illustrations
    The theme of the unit as "classic perfume"
    Character with the age of evolution 

    Perfume shows it all

  •   1950  stay with me

     Typical female
    Waiting for one of the boys love her

  • 1960 I show you 
    Rock, psychedelic
    It is a reactionary era
  • 1970 you don't know me
     Neutral era
    Uncover the personality of women unknown 
  • 1980 love me love me

    Lust open
    Gorgeous and imaginative era
  • 1990 real me
    Return to Innocence
    The era of the heart to pursue
  • 2000 beyond your imagination
    Full of the age of possibili
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