• Without Me, You Can See The Answer
    Death will never give you prosperity.
    done by drawing and PhotoShop- 0.1 felt-tip pen- pencil grading : 3B and 5B
  • Concept
    When you are standing at the end of your journey, you will see what I had told you that was the answer before you pass away. Many people may want to keep their asset with themselves, yet they cannot. At the time you were born, you came without anything and you will leave here with nothing as well. Nevertheless, we are not able to live comfortably without money, right? So, we have to stay with everything that we cannot bring along it to the heaven/hell.
  • The crow is presenting you the darkness of a life.It will take everything from you abruptly when it can see you are going to die.
  • T H A N K  Y O U