• Concept: beautifully detailed map highlighting the world’s paramount wine regions
    Visual-style: colorized engraving (“Age of Enlightenment”, 1700’s France)
    Sources: The Encyclopédie (circa 1772, english: “Encyclopaedia or a Systematic Dictionary of the Sciences, Arts and Crafts”), dozens of components from world maps of 1600-1800, 45 wine books, google maps and our own hands.
    Size: 40in x 27in (full) , 16in x 12in (mini)
    Printing: Offset printing on heavyweight uncoated matte paper
    Countries [11]: Italy, France, Spain, USA (California, Oregon, Washington, New York), Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Germany, Portugal, New Zealand
    Map: (left globe) Each country is displayed at “actual size” with correct latitudinal placement, (right globe) Each country is re-scaled and sized to it’s total portion of the global market. (bottom) The winemaking process: harvest, barrel making (coopers), fermentation and racking, glassmaking, bottling, packing, shipping, and finally, rewarding super hot mermaids with your elixir.

    Available until 12/03/12 on our Kickstarter!