Wine Bottle Installation Art

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  • Hong Kong (the Hong Kong Tourism Board) presents 6 enormous wine bottles (2.5m and 4m tall) as works of art for American Express Hong Kong Wine & Dine Month. Local artists Kila Cheung has combined Hong Kong’s visually stunning scenery, world-famous architecture and rich culture into his bottle art pieces. These giant installations were displayed at Hong Kong Avenue of Stars & Stanley Market.

    City slowness by Kila Cheung
    Hong Kong is full of hustle and bustle, jam packed with memorable and valuable local heritage and traditions. To really appreciate these, we need to slow down. Therefore, with my artistic expression, I am going to display Hong Kong’s heritage on my six bottles. My collage will take you on a walk around the city and I hope one day you can slowly experience the little things that make this fast-paced city our home.
  • Hong Kong Avenue of Stars
  • Stanley Market
  • Sketchs for the bottles
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