• Window in a valise
    2012 - Fifth semester assignment at Aarhus School of Architecture. Duration 2,5 months.
    Working with mapping the intangible I ended up working with cycles and time. The cycles and time was focused on how to include cycles within architecture and how to use cycles as resources. When asked to present the project and process in a box, I built this machine to communicate the essence of the process.
  • Turn the box to face north.
  • Then adjust the periscope acording to the time, this insures that the mirror in the periscope faces the sun, creating the optimum light conditions to view through the plastic panels.
  • While looking through the periscope turn the handle to make the three plexiglass circles rotate. On occasion the information on the plexiglass panels will align and make sense. Stop the rotation and look.
  • If the panels should align out of sight through the periscope, the device can be released from the fixed position and be turned.
  • A drawer with raw material from the mapping and process.