Wind Riders: Endless Sky

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  • Game for LG SmartTV. The game is based on the altiplanic culture of Chile, where this mythological being browse the air collecting the stars and struggle to avoid colliding with the floating islands.
    My job was to make the logo and GUI (graphical user interface).
  • Main Page
  • Selection Window
  • GUI - surprise yourself with the beautiful art of
  • Pause Window
  • Game Over
  • The rest of the Team:
    Art Direction & Illustration: Macarena Martínez
    3D Modelers: Cristian Freire - Diego Iturriaga.
    Music: Marco Ovando - Francisca Gálvez (Go & check the amazing music)
    Programming: Ricardo Concha - Carlos Hurtado.
    Original Idea: Pablo Gorigoitía.