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Web app for Wilson Sporting Goods allows users to fully customize and purchase a Wilson A2000 glove.
Summary:The brand team knew that their consumers wanted to customize their gloves, butthey didn’t know where to start. They had an interesting challenge… “How do weallow our customers a full, fluid customization experience without denigrating ourbrand?” The solution included an extremely fun and visual web tool that allowedthe user choose and customize every part of their glove right down to thestitching. They could also embroider their name on it, add an MLB logo andchoose their throwing hand.

The app has a very complicated back-end, but youwould never know it. On the front-end, the user only experiences theease-of-use and the fun, glove-creating goodness. Also, the client is ecstatic.Unsure that their consumers would pay $330 for a glove, they were immediatelyproven wrong. The app paid for itself within 2 weeks and continues to be THEmost successful project Wilson has ever done. We continue to scale the successby integrating it into their retailers’ ecommerce sites.
My Role:
- creative strategy and direction
- selling the ideas and up-sell
- photoshoot direction
- interaction design
- UX strategy and direction
- eCommerce integration and development lead