Why It Matters Branding & Advertising Campaign

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  • Why it Matters
    Branding & Advertising Campaign
  • The Why it matters campaign was developed for the Bermuda Hospital Charitable Trust (BHCT). The BHCT was created and entrusted to manage, fundraise and monitor the largest public capital campaign in the island's history. The Trust's goal was to engage public support & funds to expand and modernized the King Edward's Hospital – a construction effort to double the hospital's size and medical capacity.

    Since the King Edward's Hospital is the island's only medical center with-in 700 miles – every Bermudian has a large stake in the hospital's modernization and expansion.

    An advertising/branding campaign based on a concept that combined patient testimonials & portraits with public health statistics & health projection and melded into a campaign aimed at educating and engaging the public about the new hospital services & capabilities. And how these improves will increase the quality of health care for everyone on the island.

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