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A series of educational posters on "Who's who in a film crew".
Who's who in a film crew?
Poster series
I've been wanting for some time to somehow combine my love for movies and posters (ok, I'm also writing my thesis on that subject :), but all that "alternative movie posters" thing seemed too obvious and trendy (many great designs, though). That's when the idea of doing an (educational?) "Who's who in a film crew" poster series came to my mind.

I remember having lots of discussions with friends, after the credits of a movie rolled, on things like "Well, what does a producer really do in a movie?" - and I didn't really know how to explain it, either. But through some wiki-consulting :) I tried to find what is the core of each profession, and then present it visually, with just a few simple words of explanation...

There are six posters for now; new ones possibly on the way...
Would like your feedback on these ones, though. :)