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Enhancing the Ski Resort Experience
Founded in 1947, Big Mountain is the nation’s 10th largest ski resort, offering a world-class ski experience. Despite its strengths, the Big Mountain brand lacked awareness and was commonly confused with competitor Big Sky.

New investors recognized the undiscovered and under leveraged asset and began plans for a multi-million dollar resort revitalization project.

With the large impending investment and lacking a true marketing focus, brandadvisors was hired to first develop a strategy to bring clarity, focus, and efficiency to the forthcoming resorts. Unlike world-renowned resorts such as Aspen, Whistler, or Vail, brandadvisors’ analysis and basis of its strategy found that Big Mountain offered a unique combination of world-class skiing, unprecedented natural beauty, and the right balance of comfort and amenities, yet void of crowds and hyper-commercialism found elsewhere.

Both “Big” and “Mountain” elements of the resort’sname were shown to be generic, and their logo was nondescript and undifferentiated, using the “snowflake” element common to ski resort brand identities.brandadvisors developed the highly unique “Whitefish Mountain Resort” name and identity to leverage the popularity and awareness of the resort’s location and its unique assets.

brandadvisors then developed numerous product and service enhancements impacting the resort service experience, architecture and furnishings, and employee training; crafted compelling messaging and communications, and led the relaunch event for both employees and town members.