• Russia. Where cold is cool!

    The Leo Burnett Moscow agency has created an interactive print, "Russia. Where the cold is cool!", to show tourists the real and modern Russia, and in turn to raise brand awareness for S7 Airlines in Europe.

    There are many stereotypes about Russia -- bears on the streets, vodka, nuclear power plants, unfriendly people and many others, which often scare off foreigners. To dispel these myths and increase the popularity of S7 Airlines' international routes from Europe to Russia, Leo Burnett Moscow created an interactive print, using a non-traditional printing technique with thermochromic ink.

  • Agency: Leo Burnett Moscow
    Creative Director: Grisha Sorokin, Mikhail Kudashkin
    Art Director: Grisha Sorokin, Mikhail Yarovikov, Andrey Klemenkov, Alexander Pokhvalin
    Copywriter: Andrey Donov, Alexander Ovsyankin
    Illustrator: Fiodor Sumkin
    Production house: Kijjaa! Digital Miracles

    Client: S7 Airlines
    Deputy CEO marketing: Tatiana Fileva
    John Smith
    Jane Doe
  • When you put the ad in the freezer for a short while...

  • ...the ink appears and gives a whole new meaning to the initial picture.