When it Matters - Salamander Technologies

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  • Trade Brochure and Poster series Concepts¬†
    Salamander Technologies

  • Collaboration with the talented guys from Intersection branding firm (www.intersection.is) in Traverse City, MI. Helped develop the design concepts for their restructuring pitch to the emergency technology company, Salamander Technologies.

    Salamander provides cutting edge software and technology systems that identify, track, organize, and report for Emergency Response teams during an emergency or disastrous event.

    In the design process I also developed a series of "trade show" posters with their newly adopted slogan "When it Matters". The slogan was crafted by the Intersection branding team to embody the spirit of what Salamander works hard to provide; a system of tools that are there to support emergency responders, to save lives, when it matters most. 

  • The main challenge of this project was spent translating a six page 'manual-type' diagram into a simplified and concise, one page diagram that summed up the main purposes of Salamander's product (seen above, right).