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Designs for an iOS App - a digital journal where you can capture private moments, or share them in real-time with the people that matter most.
I have been heavily involved in shaping this project since November 2011. As Creative Director and co-founder, my responsibilities have included designing the brand identity, marketing communications and user experience.

While many people like the idea of keeping a diary, they lack the time or patience to keep one going. When! provides a simple yet compelling journal experience that you can update on the move. See below for more details.
Organise moments into collections: e.g. a private journal, your child growing up, weekend getaways with a loved one.
Invite a select group of friends and family to capture holidays, parties and weddings, together
Capture intimate moments with full control over your privacy and what is shared with your favourite social networks.
UX design for the Web App
When! is currently in beta testing. Please contact us if you want to be amongst the first to give it a whirl.