"When You Grow Up" Homeless PSA

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  • Ve'ahavta is a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization that assists the needy at home and abroad, through volunteerism, education, and acts of kindness.

    In 2012, Ve’Ahavta launched the “Could It Be Me?” campaign, aimed at bringing awareness and empathy to issue of homelessness, while raising funds to help those in need.

    It focuses on the fact that everyone experiences suffering in their lives; the main differences between those who are homeless and those who are “homeful” are the gravity of circumstances and a reliable support system.

    Creative Director: Scott Pinkney
    Associate Creative Director: Jonathan Weiss
    Copywriter: Shiran Teitelbaum
    Art Director: Stuart Thursby
    Producer: Jessica Takacs
    Director: Craig Goodwill
    Illustrator: Alex Nursall