When Worlds Collab Pt.2

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  • WHEN WORLDS COLLAB PT.2a collaborative project from Tom Silvester, Thomas Pickford and Space Jungle.

    3D graphics by: Tom Silvester

    Photography by: Thomas Pickford

    Illustrations & compositing by: Space Jungle

    Street art by: Unknown
  • Here is some music to listen to while you look around.
    Feedback and sharing is appreciated, thank you!
    Artist: Luke Vibert
    Song: We Hear You
  • Courtyard Conundrum. 
  • Signal Hopping.
  •  The big picture.
  • Coexist my Friends.
  • The big picture.
  • Space Jungle is a self-taught, freelance designer/illustrator/photographer from Oregon hell-bent on creating art that forces you to investigate it closely. You can simply look at my art like the surface of water or you can dive into its embracing depth and discover much greater meaning.
  • Im a graphic designer/motion designer from birmingham england., alot of my work on behance are projects that have 100% freedom, where briefs havent been used, i love foods, metal music, and being tattoo'd, im just a designer that gets on with life keeping myself to myself and trying to meet and create great works for not only great clients but friends :)
  • Thomas Pickford is a Norwich UK based artist passionate about photography.
    Pickford has a excellent portfolio of landscape photographs that really capture the beauty of the scenery. There is an atmosphere set for each photo that lets the viewer tap into what he was feeling during each shot,
    and experience the wonders of nature rarely seen like this.
  • Follow Thomas Pickford on Tumblr to check out more of his photography and more
    @ http://tjpicks.tumblr.com/

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    @ http://www.behance.net/SIIVEST

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