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  • Our good friend Ivaylo Ionchev asked us to design a poster for the newest theathre spectacle he is directing - When The Cat Is Gone. The spectacle is a unique blend of psychology, comedy and science, and is based off texts written by John Mortimer and Brian Cooke.

    The initial idea was to design a poster showcasing all the actors in their roles, but after some thoughts we figured it'd be interesting if we take a more unusual approach, so instead we took the name of the spectacle and visualized it literally. Combining vintage-looking illustrations with typography we managed to create a strong enough poster that draws the eye to it and communicates all the needed information.

    Needless to say, the director and the whole team loved it.

    *This poster was featured on Abduzeedo's Daily Inspiration Post
    Agency: SonicomIT
    Client: Ivo Ionchev
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                             THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!
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