What is your Paradise?
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Portraits of people in their Paradise (based of their descriptions)
What is your Paradise?
For this project I created an event of facebook where I asked people to send me their descriptions of a perfect Paradise or dreamworld they would like to live in.  I believe that everybody, whether or not religious, has some sort of place they (maybe even secretly) would like end up in. I got a lot of feedback and the responses varied from really crazy to extremely boring.  From the 60 descriptions I got, I chose the ones which I thought would be the most fun to illustrate. I mainly picked my favorite parts from the descriptions and made them my own. The whole thing ended up being something between the Paradise of the person and my own fantasy. All the people I worked with were complete strangers to me and I drew their portraits purely based on their photos from facebook. I also tried to get a feel of who each particular person is, what are they into and incorporate that somehow into the pieces. Enjoy!
The Paradise of Jacqui Whitlock:
"This heaven would be a lover. It would be constant harmony. Whether myself and a single lover or the love of the universe and its infinite humans, creatures, particles, etc. Visually I would hope for something warm and soft. Plenty of linen, sand and water. It would be absolutely comfortable. The area would have to be open ended with plenty of opportunities for creating. Since I would be among this harmony I would want to communicate through forms of artistic as well as sexual expression. There would definitely be plenty of love making, fucking, eating, sleeping, and art making. 
The Paradise of Adam Banaszek:
The way I imagine Paradise is that after death my soul escapes the body and from now on I can travel in time and space, to infinity and back. That would explain why in the world and the Universe there is a boundlessness of beautiful things. It’s just so that we could take time to glance over them in peace after death. We are finally going to have plenty of time. Naturally, the same goes with foreign civilizations, just waiting to be discovered! Thus, in general, my Paradise is wandering about the Universe and alternative dimensions, while being unrestrained by any mundane needs or negative emotions.
The Paradise of Unka Odyna:
My religiousness is rather faint, but assuming that after passing away there is some kind of a Paradise and that the perception of the time there is similar to the way I perceive things here, I would have to be equipped with a whole range of drugs that would disturb the perception of that time for me, since infinity is really, really long time. That’s why I would have nutmeg fields, because you are supposed to really get high after a nutmeg-fruit,  poppy fields, and icy mountain streams, in which  half-fish-half-vodka bottles would be swimming, alcohol and a snack in one set, and furthermore, vast vineyards, a multi-floor liquor cabinet… In the wintertime, instead of snow, coke would be falling down, along with pads moistened with acid and a hail of ecstasy pills. In the fall everybody would be collecting mushrooms and wild pickles. Oh! And everyone would be young, beautiful and smoking.
The Paradise of Jimbo Spalding:
My ideal paradise is one involving me as a wizard floating through space and discovering the mysteries of the universe
The Paradise of Sophie O'Connel:
My paradise would be an Island, so everything is close to the sea. Most of the trees would be purple. Everything would be colourful and there would be at least 100 more shades or even colours than we have now. Everything would be strong and healthy and a little bit bigger than this world, so every inhabitant of the island could feel all the emotions in a child's 'woooooow...' when he/she sees sth amazing.

As for food (because a paradise without food just isnt paradise), people would have a small sack, out of which most of the food would come. All a person has to do is think 'chocolate gateau' or 'roast dinner', reach into the bag, and there it is. Oh, yeah, and the most delicious things are the most healthy ones, so You can eat the best things and feel good.

One of the more dangerous pastimes is velociraptor hunting (Im terrified of them). There are a few of them on a neighbouring island and one of the yearly traditions is to hunt a few. It ALWAYS ends well.
Apart from that people like doing various things (no fun without variety).

I also made promotional booklets and stickers to give out to curators and art directors. Here is the cover image:

More work on my newly launched site : alekmorawski.com