What Your Friends Like App and Responsive Website

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  • Icon Detail - iPad
  •  Intro Animation Screens - iPad
  • Scanning Facebook Friends - Desktop
  • Search Page - iPad
  • Explore Page - Desktop
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  • Search Results Page - Desktop
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  • Logged Out Mobile Upsell Screen - Desktop Only
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    What Your Friends Like is an application that allows users to search their Facebook Friends with shared interests and to contact them. The app was written in HTML5 and one codebase powers a responsive website, apps for the iPad and iPhone via Phonegap and a Facebook application. 

    This is a personal project started to experiment with building a Phonegap application using only HTML/CSS/Javascript, and to experiment with a non-grid based responsive design. Leave a comment below if you think I should push the application to the iTunes app store. 

    Role - Concept, Design and Development 

    Year - 2012

    To see more of my work visit EricPaulSnowden.com or follow me on Twitter here.