What Would You Do In A World Without Risk?

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  • NetApp came to us to promote a new offer with a simple premise: "If our products don't pay themselves off in nine months, you get your money back." 
  • Concept
    A couple of concepts were pitched to the team at NetApp, but the idea that inspired excitement anchored on the question:
    What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
    We came up with the idea of creating a series of trophies that would represent success and achievement.

    With some of our feats getting quite extreme, we knew the trophies were going to be fun.
  • Surfing a rockslide down a mountain while juggling machetes and wearing a bee suit
    Shot out of a cannon over an active volcano dressed as Elvis 
    Wrestling a bear while suspended on a tightrope over a pool of piranhas.
    (illustrations by Jared Atkins)
  • Wireframes
    We knew that each page was going to be rich with information, but were careful to structure the layout so as not to overwhelm the visitor. All the elements needed to 'know where to go' if viewed on a smaller screen.
  • Final Designs
    The final design implemented a parallax scroll feature where the trophy illustration scrolled at a different rate to the title text and disappeared behind the white panel. When the user reached the bottom of the page, the contact trophy was revealed from behind the white panel.