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Just some illustrations of what I've been wearing recently. Good practice for any sort of media and art style.
People--characters are what I love drawing most. :)
My design entries to the Sampayan ng Bayan ("Clothesline of the Nation") T-Shirt design contest. I made who mermaids that hold as the sirens of the Philippines Seas. 
An entry for an online contest hosted by Skirtzzz on DeviantArt. It was to re-design her original character, Celestine. It won 3rd place. 
In the Philippines we have a tradition during Holy Week called Visita Iglesia (or how I've called it since I was young "bisita iglesia"). Basically, to understand and to put into our hearts the sacrifice that Jesus gave during his journey towards his crucifixion, the Filipinos undergo a pilgrimage of sorts. We travel to 14 churches, one for each of the 14 stations of the cross. 

My family has just done 7 churches of 2 stations each recently. And we travel by car. But some Filipinos still visit 14 churches and travel on foot. God Bless them. 
Taking inspiration for Disney, I started a new series of Mermaid drawings. (Ongoing)