Osso Rosso | Whaleless Project

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  • Client: Pig Magazine + Greenpeace | AD: Kako | Date: JUL 2006

    Pollution and unacceptable fishing practices are seriously endangering the survival of the giant marine mammals. Whaleless is a project dedicated to anyone wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern in an arty way. Whaleless is an idea of Italian curator Giovanni Cervi, powered by Pig Magazine. The project is on tour in European cities with site specific art exhibitions. Osso Rosso was published on Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 07-08 and shown at exhibitions such as the Creative Art Session 2008 at the Kawasaki City Museum in Japan and Katalogue XXL Exhibition at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Brazil.