Westin Hotel, Gurgaon, India

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  • Located in the city's prospering business and entertainmentdistrict, Westin Gurgaon is an establishment of a new Westin Hotel in India.This newly built hotel is strategically located with just a 15 minutes’ walkaway from the Delhi's Indira Gandhi Airport and alongside the National Highway.It further boasts of great accessibility given the extensive network of publictransportation options available.

    Taking into consideration the bustling traffic flow that surroundsthe site, the design team was challenged to conceive a quiet sanctuary withinthe hotel, away from the heavy city life outside the hotel compounds. Theextravagant interior court should stand out as an introverted focus.

    To accomplish this, all hotel suites are arranged to face thesculpted courtyard, which has been raised to present a reflective watersurface. Subsequent semi-curving water cascades closer to the lobby entry levelstands at 1200mm higher than the layby area. In advocating cultural modesty,the positioning of the swimming pool is partially hidden and camouflaged by thewater feature mound. A green-screen closes the loop along its furthestperimeter and creates a backdrop that defines the limits of the courtyard.Every feature in the design adds to the aesthetic appeal of the hotel whileadding another touch of seclusion and intimacy for residents in Westin GurgaonHotel.