Westfield shopper app

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  • The Westfield Shopper app
    April 2009
  • This is an application idea I had back in April 2009. I was travelling on the tube (central line) in London and passed through Stratford station. There in front of me was an enormous Westfield sign. The new shopping centre was under development. The idea is pretty simple really - the core functionof the app is an augmented product search which allows the user to find selected products/brands at a Westfield shopping centre.
    The user can also scan a products barcode in any Westfield and proceed to save the 'product' into thier account.
    Thus allowing the user/shopper to purchase the product from there online account (mobile or web) at a later date if they so wish. The product is now not only more saleable because the shopper has 'saved' it, but it also becomes part of a social shopping experience. It is now visible/shareable with the users friends online.