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Photography inspired by a trip to the West Coast of New Zealand, capturing a locality of monumental value to the foundation of New Zealand.
Photography inspired by a trip to the West Coast of New Zealand,
capturing a locality of monumental value to the foundation of New Zealand.
Cape Foulwind Looking towards Buller Bay and Westport.
Shoreline view inland towards Westport.
Typical rugged coastline cliff faces surrounding Cape Foulwind and the West Coast.
Shoreline view inland towards Buckland Peaks.
Buller Gorge looking over Buller River.
The only road through the Gorge was man-made, carving through Buller Gorge rockface. 
Maori named the river 'Kawariti' - meaning 'deep and swift' - this watercourse has the greatest flood discharge in New Zealand.
Looking south over Pancake Rocks towards Greymouth.
View north through Pancake Rocks looking towards Cape Foulwind and Westport.
One of many Pancake Rock blow holes.
View over the abandoned Denniston coal mine towards Karamea Bight.
Abandoned outbuildings of the Denniston coal mine, opened in the mid 19th century.
Remnants of residential life 600m above sea level.
Aged retaining walls and access to township.
Remains of coal mining at Denniston.
View south from Denniston towards Westport and Buller Bay.
At its peak Denniston reached a populus of 2000, today it struggles to reach 50.
Looking south-east over Hokitika River towards the Southern Alps.
The old Hokitika Government Building, now up for sale.
View down Buller River towards Karamea Bight, capturing the once bustling wharf of Westport.
Westport Municipal Chmabers.