'We're here now' - The Crow Remix on Talenthouse

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  • Gary Russel's 'Crow Remix' was a creative challenge I spotted on Talenthouse and one took my eye instantly. Fantasy, the paranormal and dreams are fascinations I share with Gary and his work - by having to reinterpret his piece entitled 'Crow', I took a journey through some of my oldest surreal thoughts: flying plague doctors, clouds covering everything, derelict lands...
    My twist on the remix comes from thinking about these mysterious birds that will sit on your window ledge, in the back garden or rooftop and stare relentlessly. The gory image of the ghostly birds brings about a strange familiarity like the incessant smoke of the factories and urban landscape that surrounds us.
  •                                                           The exhibition at Curio Cabal in London
                                                                           photos by Gary Russell