Wentworth Mural

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  • Commisioned mural for FreemantleMedia Australia, Wentworth TV set.

    This mural is for a new Australian tv series called 'Wentworth' which is about a womens prison and the inmates. So - I actually painted on a real tv set.... That's awesome!Before I started, I got some reference images and was told a brief story; In the actual series, this mural is painted by one of the more creative female inmates. She had applied for an approval to paint this wall to make the walls look a bit more joyful. She wanted to cheer up the life inside the walls and the prison manager granted her application and gave her some space to paint.
    It was really interesting to paint this wall, because what I painted is so far from what I would have painted and I felt like I actually had to 'act' like the character in the series to get the right feel to it.