Wella System Professional

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  • Wella System Professional
  • SP – System Professional – is more than a hair product. Being the mostpremium professional care brand within the House of Wella, SP needed to beperceived by hair dresser and consumers as the most beautiful expression of thehouse equity. Introducing a new color palette for its product range incombination with a new design that is simple and precise as fitting aprofessional product line,
    SP has succeeded in bringing personalized hair care to a new level. Premiumand rich the design shows the perfect balance between science and beauty thatis unique for Wella, and guarantees an empowering collection of products thathair stylists use with pride and joy to offer their clientele a customized beauty treatment.

    After the launch the product is now outselling the old by over 150% and has significantly increased distribution, attracting 1,500 new salons (2010).