i want to try something in 2014. i always wanted to find some time to learn a bit editing movies and put them on youtube. so now since i have my cintiq companion i decided to start recording some paintings i do on it.
    the project Weekly Super Character is simple. comment on my YouTube channel or my Facebook page how the ideal Super Hero / Villain should be. superpowers, costumed or masked or whatever, human or whatever and so on. the more funny details you give me the funnier it could be.
    the comment with the most likes will be realised every week (i will try at least to do this every week)
    i hope you enjoy it and maybe i gonna read some fun comments of one of you guys..
    here the 1st examples i did. the 3th one was already of a user from youtube. he got the most likes - with 1 like(s).. ^^
    BANANA BooM!!
  • Mechanised Prawn
  • Butterfly Man-ipulator
    Thanks 4 watching!