Wedding Invites: Jürgen & Siti

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    Jürgen & Siti
  • Wedding invitations were seen as a form of formality for couples to be inviting close relatives & selected guests to their wedding ceremony. It is a common practice to be receiving wedding invites to your friends wedding here in Singapore as well. However, many couples prefer to use ready-made templates found online that could be easily printed out for their wedding invitation cards. It's cheap, cost effective and saves a lot of time to focus on other important plans for their wedding. On the other hand, It also saves the hassle of designing their own wedding invitation card.
    My cousin however, prefered to have her very own invitation card than the ready-made ones as she felt they were more visually appealing and creative. Having this idea in mind, she approached me to design a personalised wedding invites that would be sent out to her guests.
    She did mention however that she has many non-muslim friends who will be attending her wedding, she added that most of them would be unfamiliar with the practices seen in a traditional Malay wedding. Therefore, I had suggested to her to create an info-graphic wedding note that would clearly explain these practices seen on the actual day of the wedding. 
    I have used a mint green accompanying with some hues of brown for the invites and the info-graphic note as the colour green is considered the traditional colour of Islam.