• Webgradnja.hr 
    Internet portal for construction, adaptation & interior design
  • Webgradnja.hr is a regional portal for construction, adaptation & interior design. As first ten years passed by, they decided it was time to redefine their business strategy. They wanted to step away from the image that followed them - portal for building and constructruction professionals - and attract wider public in a more friendly tone. They wanted to be perceived as a portal that can help and provide with information and advice regarding construction or decoration. 
  • Old and new logotype.
  • New logotype was based on their aspiration to step away from bricks and construction, and their vision of becoming an "informational" portal.
    The small "i" intervention on the logotype was done without interfering with the legibility on the web. 
  • Stationery
  • Promotional Media Kit aimed towards potential advertisers.