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Graphics for website and other digital applications.

Saving trees one pixel at a time.
 A flash banner ad based off the first of a series of ad illustrations. I not only drew the artwork in the ad, but entirely coded and designed the Flash version as well.
The Greaser Garage has been my own little home on the internet since 1999, when I created a personal website to espouse my love of low-brow art and East Coast hot rod and classic car culture. Developed with a mixture of ImageReady, CSS, HTML and Dreamweaver.
Spec-work web banner for Ricky's NYC.
An example of the monthly HTML email campaigns I designed and coded for Remains. Each item links individually to products available in their inventory of fixtures (not interactive here).
BIOLSR is a NYC-based start-up company working on creating awareness in the motorcycle and hot rod community about the need for alternative fuel technology. Their main project involves the fabrication of a biodiesel motorcycle set to compete at the Bonneville speed trials, which will hopefully shine a bright light on their goals within the racing community.

I developed a logo and identity for the company, as well as a simple website, meant to be tough yet professional, representative of their environmentally-conscious cause but not all hippies and tree hugging.
Flash banner (above) and email marketing graphic (below) for the Remains Lighting Calais Lantern family launch.
Cycle Garage is a simple liquid layout informational site built with CSS that includes an interactive Google Map and JQuery lightbox image gallery. Created for a small parking company in the East Village desperately in need of a website overhaul.
Example of the JQuery lightbox photogallery.
Email campaign highlighting the range of available Remains metal finishes.
Talk of Death was a fun little personal project of mine. It is a liquid-layout simple Twitter API feed site that displays all the tweets people make about death-related things.