• Weather Chart 2011
  • Every year we design a weather chart with an overview of the weather of the previous year. CLEVER°FRANKE has namely a special affinity with the weather. 
    The names CLEVER and FRANKE have been combined with the aid of the degree symbol, since the origin of the design studio, a reference to the astronomer Anders Celsius (C°) and physicist Daniel Fahrenheit (F°). This degree symbol served as the basis for the design of our visual identity: two researchers within the same field, found different approaches and references. Something definitely recognisable in the personalities of the founders of CLEVER°FRANKE.

    In this years edition we tried to show the most prominent weather condition for a specific day with just one glance. We did this by showing the angle of the ‘pie piece’ in relation to the other weather elements and the deviation in comparison to the absolute average of 2010. This way each day of 2010 can quickly be defined as sunnyrainy or windy; something the Dutch love to complain about!

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