WearThatArt Limited Editions

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  • Felipe: A portrait of a Chilean Director who happens to be a friend. He directs gory films. This drawing has two sides, as all of her drawing tend to have;
    one is the side he presents to world- violent and the other is the reality of his being as someone who’s sweet as a bunny

    Pelada: Working with "paint" I had unlimited colors to use, at that time it was the only art material I had available to create art. It was fun and easy to create. Trust in my creation, I didn't want to hear what other said about it. "el arte no se puede enseñar o explicar, el arte se vive"

    Sico: is a character who examines the mind. A psychologist with more issues than his patients.
    Maca Jotahttps://www.facebook.com/maca.jota