WeLoveMail is an online service
    similar to Google Apps Mail.
    Premium mail hosting for everyone.
    You point your own domain to us,
    create mailboxes and login to check
    and send messages through our
    interface. Get private invitation on:
    Those who complain that
    their messages never get delivered
     and it isn't their fault (because
     their server is weakly secured and
     is used for sending spam).

    They also say: 
    „No! Again?! Some motherfucker
    misused my mail address to send
    Viagra signed by me. Fucking

    And sometimes they have full inbox
    and all messages which have been
    sent to them are lost forever. And
    they don't even notice.

    On the other hand, there is
    the second type.
    Those who don’t give a shit about
    these problems anymore. Those
    who use WeLoveMail.

    We believe in Occam's razor.

    In Leonardo da Vinci's
    "Simplicity is the ultimate
    In Mies Van Der Rohe's
    "Less is more."

    In Antoine de Saint Exupéry's
    "It seems that perfection is reached
    not when there is nothing left to
    add, but when there is nothing left
    to take away."

    So we KISSed a mail.
    It’s a mail service. Not NASA’s JPL.
    All we want is write a message
    and hit the Send button as soon as
    the gravity allows.
    So our goal is to save your precious
    time through simpler and faster
    After you hit the Send button, are
    you really sure your mail was
    Well, if you are not, now you will be.
    You will know where is the problem
    in the communication.
    If you are a freelancer, a company
    or just someone who is tired of
    ugly Outlook, Gmail or pissed off
    about sold Sparrow, we know
    you’ll like it.
    For more visit welovemail.com, thanks!