Ways to Treat Your King

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  • The Good Man
    you have
    A kiss in the morning to show how much you care
    Always let him know you want to be there
    A hearty packed lunch will do just fine
    Going hungry, no king of mine
    One call a day to check to see how he is doing
    No kind should ever go with some wooing
    Clean the house and make it refreshed
    No king should come home to a filthy mess
    Take a bath or a nice hot shower
    No king should have a queen that doesn’t smell like flowers
    Get dressed, looking your best
    Your king will take care of the rest
    Have some dinner on the table
    Be ready and will to play
    Make the atmosphere relaxing
    Your king has worked hard all day
    Make him think he’s in heaven above
    Shower him with lots of love
    Turn down the bed and turn off the lights
    Now it’s time to take your king to a fantasy of new heights