Wayfinding Sans Pro Typeface
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The ultimate signage typeface
Wayfinding Sans Pro Typeface
By Ralf Herrmann, published by fonts.info

The ultimate signage typeface. A type family designed by Ralf Herrmann that sets a new standard for legibility in the context of signage and wayfinding. Wayfinding Sans is not just “yet another signage typeface”. This project is unique in many ways. Ralf Herrmann, the designer of Wayfinding Sans Pro, started this projects with extensive field studies, driving tens of thousands of miles to explore the legibilty of road signage typeface in dozens of countries around the world.

The results of these explorations along with an extensive study of relevant scientific legibilty research formed the theoretic framework for creating an “ultimate” signage typeface.

Superior legibility. Empirically proven. In an independent empirical study at the University of Applied Sciences “htw” in Berlin different typefaces where recently tested when used on signs and Wayfinding Sans Pro (bold extended) was the winner in all conducted tests, being significantly more legible and therefore superior to all other styles of the tested typefaces—among them typical signage typefaces like Frutiger, DIN 1451, Johnston Underground and Futura.

Wayfinding Sans Pro is versatile type family. It countains a large character set with over 800 glyphs per style, covering extended Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. As a typeface specifically made for signage it contains a large set of arrows and the tabular lining figures which are set as default are suitable for typical signage uses—but old-style and proportional figures are available as well as OpenType features.
The typeface comes in two weights (regular and bold) and three widths (condensed, normal and extended). Please note, that in contrast to print fonts the extended fonts are actually the recommended styles for signage use.

Check out the full PDF specimen: http://fonts.info/pub/pdf/wayfinding-sans-pro.pdf

Available at fonts.info and MyFonts