• Way Out West
    Standing for strength, beauty and simplicity
    Way Out West is a manufacturer of bespoke sewn goods. The brief is to create a brand mark that becomes trusted and serves as an accredited mark that can endorse a multitude of products.  
    A mark that will create a feeling of trust and unquestionable quality, something that will make
    you feel like you are supporting a just cause. Way Out West create products that will not only serve their purpose but will withstand time and serve as an investment as well as being bespoke and beautifully designed and manufactured, with love and dedication. My challange was to create
    a mark accompanied by images that denote the three key beliefs of the company; Strength,
    Beauty and Simplicity.
  • How do we say all of the three key beliefs through a single image and single mark ?
    My aim here is to have a set of three images that connote strength, beauty and simplicity using the mark within  the hierarchy to support the brand's beliefs. The concept is to be refined over time into genres to support areas of the company and its movements in the future. We decided to start quite abstract with our use of imagery as a form of market research and monitor our valued feedback.
  • These posters are designed to create intrigue in the target audience to interact with staff and ask questions.