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Wax sealed wedding invitation
Wedding Invitation

Invitation design for a wedding on Crete Island.

The basic idea behind the logo design is the infinity sign, as a couple should last forever!
We decided to reform it a bit by designing it as two hearts.
Those two connected hearts would play a double role in the logo design, as besides representing the idea of love, they also look like the “E” letter, which represent the names of the couple: Emmanouela and Evripidis.

We wanted the design of the invitation to resemble the island of Crete and the small traditional church where the wedding would take place. The colors were chosen based on the brown hills, the sand, the olive trees and the dark blue-green of the Cretan sea this particular time of the year.

The sealing wax was an idea that we came up with when we realized that the wedding was taking place on a leap year! Getting married on a leap year is considered extremely unlucky in Greece, as it is supposed that only kings and queens get married on such a year. Yes, we Greeks are extremely democrats!
Wedding photos from Graham Hodgetts Photography