Waterford Viking Triangle

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  • Waterford Viking Triangle

    Waterford Viking Triangle is a major addition to Ireland’s South East regional tourism offering. Its unique position at the heart of Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city, offers visitors a focus for exploring the architecture, trades, commercial, religious and cultural impacts of this 1000-year-old Viking settlement.
    Our role was to create a brand that captures the vibrancy, authenticity, historic and contemporary relevance of the core of Waterford City. An essential challenge was to make the brand meet the needs of the city’s tourism, community and business sectors.

    A compelling brand identity and communications are key to encouraging visitor participation in the Viking Triangle experience. We based the branding on a single compelling idea to inform all communications, conveying both the heritage and energy of the location and lending itself to innovative creative treatments. We devised “It begins here” to underline Waterford’s historic origins and its present-day regeneration. The brand symbol – a V made up of interweaved lines – communicates both the craft, creativity and heritage found in Viking and Celtic imagery and a sense of movement and forward momentum.