Waterford City Council NODE Conference Pack Flyer

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  • "The Vikings didn’t receive a warm welcome when they arrived but luckily those arriving in Waterford over a thousand years later can expect a warmer and more civilised welcome from the people of Waterford and the team in Waterford City Council. So what has Waterford got to offer you?"

    We recently developed this illustrated flyer to accompany a special conference pack for the NODE 2013 event held in the Waterford City. We wanted the flyers design to reflect the Viking theme of the NODE conference graphics, whilst retaining our own style. The theme was to be slightly humourous, with the Vikings arriving at Waterford on the front 1,100 years ago - to the Vikings using technology, tools and ameneties of a modern Waterford on the back. This flyer acts as a support tool for investing and working in Waterford.

    The conference itself is a gathering of some of the best in technologically forward thinking groups from major corporations throughout the globe.
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